Sunday, May 14, 2006


Today being Mother's Day, I feel like I should be writing a glowing tribute to my mom. Well, I could do that. My mom has been gone for 13 years last week. I miss her every day. She was a good person who taught me a lot of profound stuff. She was what I always refer to as a "quiet Christian" and was always doing for others. My life hasn't been quite the same since her passing. There are so many memories of her to share, that this could become a book. Maybe it's one I will write someday.
There are other mothers in my life now. My wife is the mother of my children. She is the kind of mom that every kid would like to have. As our kids were growing up. all the neighborhood kids wanted to congregate at our house. We had the homemade cookies, and other goodies that other moms didn't make for one reason or another. Our kids, now adults in their 30's, still ask for the homemade stuff, and of course, Mom tries to cook what each one of them like. She is a good listener, and loves with all her heart.
Then there is my mother-in-law. Well, what can I say about her? She is a different sort of an individual. We are NOT close, nor are we on the same "wave length." She is, and always has been, extremely critical of me, my wife(her daughter) and our kids. She masks her criticism in her old line, "I am just trying to be truthful." This is pure B.S. She is just being manipulative and hurtful. She does have her moments, though. She is a wonderful cook, and honestly likes to have us to her house for meals. It's too bad that we try to think up excuses for not going, or for leaving after being there for a short time. It's too bad that her last years have to be spent like this. I share part of the blame for this "distancing" but certainly not all of it.
I have to mention both of my grandmothers in this blog about moms. They were as opposite as night and day. My maternal grandmother was a soft spoken, tiny woman. She was a plain farm wife, and a kindly, Christian woman. I remember he as an excellent cook and as always wearing a hat. My paternal grandmother was young when she had my dad, so was still relatively young when I remember her. She was made of tough stuff, having been a single parent for a long time, when divorce and single parenting was not common. She was a factory worker. She loved "big." None of her grandchildren ever doubted that they were loved. She was generous with gifts and praise. One thing I remember about her was that no matter what she wore, she always wore earrings. Even with her hair in pincurls or "spoolies," she would have on her earrings. My mom always said that when my brother and I stayed with this grandma, if we didn't think of doing it, Grandma did, and helped us do it. What a good time we had!!
On this day to remember moms, I have delved in to the memory bank and come up with some very fond memories. It's been good for the soul.


Daughter said...

Being a mom is a great thing! This was a nice post!

angel81 said...

This was a nice post. Sorry I'm just now commenting on it. You're mom would be so proud of you and the family you've made. I only wish I could have met her.