Wednesday, May 03, 2006

This is What I Believe...

That beer and Chocolate were made to go together
That there is a reason you have your children when you are young
That Social Security is not the only "fixed" income
That if a state has sales tax, it should abolish property tax
That the Federal Government is corrupt
That most Jr. High schoolers are spawns of satan
That the sacrament of marriage should be honored
That summer is designed for the young
That store managers who claim their stores are handicap accessible should have to ride a wheel chair up and down every aisle.
That there hasn't been a "real" actress since Elizabeth Taylor
That "Dances With Wolves" is worth watching 19 times.
That Tory Spelling is the worst excuse for an actress in the history of film
That no body looks good in Spandex
That Speedo needs to rethink
That Blue Jeans should be considered "dress" clothes
That "breaded, stewed tomatoes" should be erased from every recipe book
That brocolli is a weed and should be treated as such
That one's faith in God is what sustains me
That there is nothing like singing with my friends
That adult children can drive you nuts with worry
That Alaska and Hawaii are not really states
That it's too hot to go to Florida in the summer
That Michigan is an ideal state for summer vacations
That if women wear skirts and sandals to work, men should wear shorts and sandals.
That having gray hair is better than no hair
That naming a child after a dog is dumb
That football is just plain stupid
That the Home Shopping Network is responsible for America's high consumer debt
That grandchildren are wonderful
That our Native Americans really got a raw deal from the "white man"
That Carole King could never write a bad song
That "Designing Women" was great TV
That rap music is not music. It is just noise with a beat
That getting older is better than the alternative
That there are people on the road that shouldn't be
That having family close at hand is reassuring
That improving our nation's educational system should be a government priority

This is what I believe and I'm sticking to it!

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angel81 said...

Amen Papa!!