Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My list of Dreams

As you all know by now, I love chocolate. This morning, as I ate my Dove dark chocolate “Promise,” my “promise” said to make a list of my dreams. So I thought I would try it.
1. World peace.
2. Stamp our world hunger
3. Have my children care enough to stay relatively close by.

4. More grandchildren
5. Fewer bills, more money
6. That log house on a wooded lot
7. Be thinner and in better physical shape.
8. Less stress, more fun in life
9. Never lose my singing voice
10. Strengthening of my faith in God

I think I could sit here for hours, racking my brain, but these 10 seem to automatically pop into my brain. They must be the most important.

1 comment:

Daughter said...

Ragardless of how near or far children in physical distance, we will still always be close at heart. This is a nice list.