Friday, December 21, 2007



Prof and Kiddo called and are arriving two days earlier than I expected. I am excited. I have a kazillion things that I need to do, one of which certainly isn't wasting time blogging, but "what can I say!" I planned on cleaning and readying the house so Prof wouldn't think either #1. Dad can't take care of himself, or #2. Dad is a slob! So, I am hustling my buns off to get some things done. They are arriving tomorrow evening and I can hardly wait. I still have to buy groceries, and Prof warned me that Kiddo is a "hearty" eater, so I guess a supply of food is in order. None, no wait, I have one present wrapped. Oh, gosh! Well, shit, I guess everything will work out. Gotta run!

Peace and Joy,


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Curley said...

Hope you are having a great visit with your family. Merry Christmas