Thursday, December 27, 2007

Under the guise of Honesty

Some people feel that they have to say what is on their minds, no matter what. People like this really piss me off. My former mother-in-law is one of these people. She has always been the type of person that says what she thinks, under the guise of " I'm just being honest." Well, on Christmas she went too far. She attacked one of my children. She really lambasted said child for being rude. First of all, said child is a mature adult. Secondly, said child was not being rude. Well, I came "unglued" lost my cool and told my former, and I mean former, MIL off. She was being hurtful, and typically a real bitch. Then I left. I said that I did not need to be there, and left. I WILL NOT go back. If she shows up at my door, which is typical of the woman, I will either not answer the door, or I will tell her she can come in , only if she keeps her snide remarks and hurtful comments to herself. If she cannot agree to this compromise, she can go to hell! She treated her only child like shit for 59 years, and she got by with it, but she will not hurt me anymore. I have had enough hurt this year.
Gee, I feel better!



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Lilith said...

That really urks me. I hate it when people do that.

It ranks right up there with people that constantly make fun of you or pick on you and say, "just kidding" all the time.