Friday, July 09, 2010

Aah! Birthdays

Last night the whole family, such as it is, met at our local Pizza Hut to celebrate my son's 35th birthday. What a great time we had. As I sat there, I was reminded of the hot, sticky, humid day when L'il Bro was born. His momma was so nervous about having another C-section that we had to wait another day for her to calm down and even then, the doc just said that she had to go get it over with. But she was fine afterward. I was reminded, too, of the frail little guy who was in and out of the hospital seven times before he was six years old, being a sufferer of chronic bronchitis, which fearfully lead to pneumonia. After having the tonsils out, he recovered and has had no problems since.
I was reminded about how L'il Bro loved cowboy boots. He wore them all the time. With shorts, with his bathing suit, and to church. He wore them out!!! I remember his flying down the street in his shorts and boots on his big wheel!
I remember the first time he used the "f" word. He said it at about age 3, right in front of his "wicked" grandmother! Boy did his mom and I hear about that, and hear about that, and hear about that!
Too rapidly he grew up and got his first job which lead to his first car. I remember him coming home and telling Mom that she had to take him to the police station to get his car keys back. He had been caught speeding in the City Park (of all places). The police made him park his car, bring Mother to the station, where they both got a lecture, and then he was set free. I believe he was grounded from the car, except for going to work, for a month.
I recalled the day when families and friends, gathered in a Biblical Garden nearby, to witness the marriage of L'il Bro and Sistah. It was a beautiful ceremony, and the beginning of a new era. My wish for them both was happiness!
Now, I watch my son with his own two children. He is patient, and gentle and kind. He is that way with Sistah, too. This is a family filled with love and kindness. I am so proud of the man my son has become. As he became a year older, I thanked God for him, and the many blessings he has given us all.


Curley said...

Good job parents for raising such a great child.

Jimmie Earl said...

Two of them, as a matter of fact. Thanks!