Monday, July 19, 2010

What I Read #61

Cinnamon Kiss by Walter Mosley: The setting for this novel is 1966, the Summer of Love. P.I. Easy Rawlins is hurting for cash, so he takes on a complicated case involving stolen old Swiss Bearer Bonds with ties with the Hitler Regime. Because Easy and his buddy, Mouse, are black, they run up against racial prejudices at every turn, making their job that much harder and dangerous.
I liked this book. I think Mosley can tell the tale like no other writer. I was young during this era, and I must have lived a very sheltered life. I knew racial tension and prejudice ran high during that time, I guess I just didn't know how severe it was. I highly recommend reading Mosley's work. This is the 10th Easy Rawlins novel. I think I will grab another on the next trip to my library.
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