Saturday, July 24, 2010

What I Read #63

Winter of the Wolf Moon by Steve Hamilton: An Alex McKnight novel, and reads much like Hamilton's first novel in this series. In fact, I thought maybe I had read this one already it was so similar. Alex McKnight is a 48 year old former Detroit cop, sometimes private investigator, who owns several cabins in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The winters there are harsh along the eastern shores of Lake Superior. Alex seems to always be recovering from some injuries he sustained mostly by sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. His Native American friend, Vinnie, is mostly "white" except when being Indian works to his advantage.
In this novel Alex tries to come to the rescue of one of Vinnie's tribal friends. He encounters more than he bargained for.
Though Alex complains all the time throughout the novel about the cold and snowfall in the UP, he says he would not live anywhere else. Read this novel if you like snow by the foot and crime that is seemingly endless. Not a favorite, but readable.
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