Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Mind Ramblings

My mind is working overtime right now for some weird reason. I am preparing for vacation to Texas. I am excited about going. I am a little nervous about driving that far. I have always flown, went by train or bus, but this time I will drive. Now, you might ask, what is the big deal about that? Well, to be perfectly honest, I have never driven that far away from home. In my earlier years, my wife and kids and I would go to wife's grandparents yearly, but that was about an eight hour drive. My wife had done it so many times she knew the route by heart, and was my copilot.
This trip I will be going by myself, staying overnight in a motel, and traveling about 1000 miles. I will be traversing several states on roads I haven't driven, and either through or around BIG cities. I will have to stay alert and watch for all the signs and exits. I have my atlas, with the route well marked in hi-lighter, so I should not get lost. Curley offered me their GPS to take along, but I am thinking that it would confuse me all the more and I would have to stop if it needed reprogramming or something. Once I get on the interstate about 25 miles from my house, it will be dual lane all the way until I am two blocks from my brother's.

Another thing on my mind is my health. I have had to have this tube thingy put in my ear, and that is a good thing, only I have intermittent earaches. I go back to the ENT next week to have it checked. I am getting the name of a good ENT in TX while I am with her so if anything goes wrong, I will be able to see someone there. I had a physical last week and my PSA tests came back with higher numbers than the doc was comfortable with. So, when I get back from TX, I have to see an urologist just for safety sake. I have been reading on the internet (mistake #1) and the tests they might do on me scare me to death. I know I am being a sissy about this, but they sound so gross, and possibly painful. And, the specialist couldn't work me in until October 26th, so that's a long time to stew and fret about this stuff.

I am happy that the roof guys came early. They weren't due until October, but they called yesterday and had time to work me in, so they started and will finish up today. And they gave me a $100.00 discount because I could pay the bill in cash! That's a good thing.

Prof and Kiddo might be moving. This can be good and bad. Good that I will have the house to myself and P and Q again, but bad because I will miss having them here. So that is a mixed feeling going on within.

I found out the other day that my friend d'Hube, is in kidney failure and will be going on dialysis before too long. He is also battling prostate cancer for the second time and will be having to have surgery this time. He isn't doing very well and this makes me sad.

All of these things have been preying on my mind. I have not been sleeping well, probably due to some of this stuff. So, I have to rely on my faith to keep me strong and focused. God has a way of making things turn out for the best. I just have a hard time remembering that sometimes.

Keeping the faith,


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Curley said...

Your trip will be fine. You have your maps and your cell phone. You don't have to hurry and if you get tired you stop for a while or take more than 2 days to get there. I could tell you not to worry about the tests but you would anyway. I am praying. I am sorry about your friend. I know you are close.