Friday, September 10, 2010


Okay, I am really pumped about vacation. I leave at 7:30 AM Monday. Heading out to Texas to my brother's. I have all my luggage out and stuff spread all over the bedroom in preparation. I have to take summer clothes because it averages about 10 degrees higher there than here this time of year, but I am staying into October and maybe even November, so I am taking some fall duds too. I have to return all my books to the library before I go. I have all my bills set up to "autopay" and have given Prof and Kiddo strict instructions about caring for the house and property. (Yeah, right!)
Curley and I went shopping earlier in the week and I bought some foodstuffs to take along plus some Indiana wines that we can't buy in TX. Curley gave me enough books to last me for as long as I will be there,(probably) but if not, "Half-Priced Books" is only a few miles from my brother's.
So, I have the route mapped out, a "Super8 Motel" guide all marked, and the car has been serviced, two new tires, and a 23 point inspection. It still needs swept out and the trunk cleaned out.
I will blog from TX and will show you some pictures on here when I return. Just pray for me as I travel!
Can hardly wait.

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Curley said...

Have a great and safe trip. Let me know when you get there. I know that you will have a great time and hope you are so busy that you don't need to make a trip for more books. I will miss you. Keep in touch.