Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Stars At Night, Are Big and Bright....

Yes they are. And every thing is bigger in Texas. Especially the traffic.. Oh my! I have never seen so many cars, trucks and SUVs. I drove this time, for the first time, and I might add, the last time.. I made the executive decision that from now on I will travel to Texas either on Amtrak or by plane. Keeping track of the gas I purchased, a motel room and a meal each way, I think if I plan it right, I can fly cheaper or at least for the same cost. Five hours from door to door is a lot better that 18 hours of driving.
You might say, "yes, but you saw a lot of sights and countryside on the way." Well, no I didn't. I was too busy keeping my eyes on the road to enjoy much scenery. I could not believe the amount of semis on the road. My car, a mid-sized Chrysler, was definitely in the minority. Most of what I saw were SUVs, vans, pickups and semis. All traveling faster that I was and I pushed the speed limit to the max most of the way here. Except in those damn construction areas that went on for miles and miles and miles.
Then there was Little Rock, Arkansas. I arrived there at rush hour. I was on the Interstate. I think every street in L R merges onto that Interstate. It was bumper to bumper, stop start stop start, for an hour and a half. I needed gas, too. So I got off the Interstate and got entangled in a SNAFU just trying to make a left into a gas station.
After buying gas, jockeying traffic to get back on I30, I found the next exit with a Super 8 motel and got off. I had been on the road for 12 hours and was getting punchy and was hot and tired. The young guy behind the desk at the Super 8 was a gem. In 5 minutes I was signed in, and unloading my stuff. I took a shower, and was going to go for food, but fell asleep stretched out on the bed. Later I went to the car, carried up my cooler and noshed on ham, cheese and crackers, with a side of grapes. I never left the room until I checked out the next morning.
I arrived at my brother's house the next afternoon, safe and sound. I didn't realize I suffered from mild "road rage" but I do. I think I invented some new @#$%^#$ words.
But, I made it. I'm here. I am relaxing and having a ball. These two relatives are wonderful people. My brother and I are harassing my sis-in-law by being, well, brothers! She loves it! We haven't done anything special except they treated me to dinner at "Babes" my favorite eating establishment down here. Otherwise, we're just hanging out and enjoying each other's company.
Now,it's time to go fill my coffee cup and go sit on the deck and enjoy the morning before the temp gets up in the 90.s. More later.


Maggie said...

Sounds like an awesome time once you got there. Too bad you didn't enjoy the drive but I can totally relate. I hate the actual flying part of flying but it's so much better than driving because of the time saved, for sure!

Have fun!

booknut said...

Glad you're having fun, but we miss you! Tell them we said hi!!

Curley said...

Sounds so much like our trips to Fl. Also reminds me why I don't want to do it again. How do those people drive those big motor homes back and forth every sping and fall? Glad you made it safe and sure do miss you.