Thursday, September 09, 2010

What I Read #82 1/2

Likeness by Tana French: Well, I tried. I dove into "Likeness" with enthusiasm but soon felt bogged down in rhetoric and mundane detail. This novel was nothing like "Faithful Place" and I was sorely disappointed.
First of all, the print was too small. That is always a turn off for me. Secondly, after reading "Faithful Place," I didn't like the way the character of "Frank" was depicted. And, Cassie/Lexie was just as mundane.
By page 70, French was still laying the groundwork to what was going to happen, and I just wanted to shout, "let's get on with it." So doing something I almost never do, I skipped a few chapters. This didn't help, so finally, I gave up, read the last few pages and closed the book!
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I've done that before.