Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas on Elm St.

Many years ago, when my late wife was still with me, she painted this Christmas village. It consists of about 60 different buildings, plus trees, a gazebo, a skating pond, and people, animals and sleighs, etc. We had an old cabinet that every year we would empty out all the dishes and " stuff " that was in it, take off the doors, and set up shelf after shelf of village.
This year I decided to take six of my favorite pieces that she had painted and display them on a shelf in my living room. It is lighted, which you probably can't tell from the picture. There are two trees that she painted, too. Somewhere in the boxes are some people and accessories, but I didn't dig deep enough to find them. Included in this display are two houses, a fire station, a book store, a church with Nativity, and a school. The red and white house with the black roof is similar to the style of house we owned while raising our children.
This brought back lots of memories of "Tilly" sitting at the card table hour after hour on weekends and evenings after work painting away, and of the pride we felt displaying her work of art.
Note: She also painted a complete village set for Prof, and had started one for Lil Bro, which she never completed. Some day he will get this one.


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Curley said...

That is really beautiful and what great memories.

Terry said...

A beautiful and precious keepsake, JE.