Friday, December 30, 2011


Many years ago, an uncle of my late wife did some research on their family tartan. He tracked it down, found it was no longer being woven, but he could order up a bolt or two for over $100.00 per yard. He sent out correspondence to the family members wanting us each to buy a yard or two. We didn't! I was snooping on the internet the other day and found a place that you could order family tartans. Lo and behold, there was my wife's family tartan listed. Here's what it looks like. The price is now $280 a yard. No, I don't think I will!

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Curley said...

$280 a yard? I think it would be cheaper to find a loom at a garage sale and weave some yourself. Did you check Joann's fabric store? I bet you could find something really close to that.

Evil Pixie said...

Yikes! That is definitely a hefty price for tartan. What is it spun with? Spider silk? Pretty tartan, though. Very Christmasy.

Jimmie Earl said...

Curley: I don't want any of it, I just thought it was interesting that after all these years, it was available. I wonder if Uncle Earl ever got any of the real thing? He's dead now!

Terry said...

A good kilt requires eight yards of material - I guess a store bought kilt in your clan tartan at $400 is a bargain.