Saturday, December 31, 2011

"What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?"

No loud parties. No noise makers. No crazy party hats! I am going to stay home out of the way of the "buzzed" drivers. I will have a roaring fire in the fireplace, maybe mix up a pitcher of something containing a little NYE cheer, and will be comfortably ensconced in my recliner by said fire. I will watch a little TV, read a good book on my Kindle, and maybe crochet a few rows.
What a "party animal" I am! Well, I have done the party routine many times. I have "tied one on" many times, too. I can remember New Year's Eves spent in the Big City going from bar to bar, getting smashed, and then feeling like a polar bear is lying on my tongue the next day. I can also remember standing in LONG lines to get into movie theaters on NYE. One year we went to see "Where Eagles Dare" and another year "Swiss Family Robinson." Both times were with my wife, and my favorite uncle T and aunt K, along with various other members of the family. Those were the fun times and fond memories abound.
I guess I am getting old! But I refuse to consider myself lame or any other adjective used to describe the fact that I would rather be at home on NYE. Prof said she doesn't have concrete plans for the evening, and may be at home, too. We'll see.
This is the first year that I haven't been invited to go somewhere. And the thought of having a bunch of people in for a party is not a pleasant one. Call me an old fogie, but I really would rather do my own thing tonight. In out of the cold, and safe at home.

Happy New Year!


Terry said...

It's been our tradition for the last twenty years for our friends Dan and Juelie to come over NYE and play board games. This year Dan's brother is getting married on new years eve in Missoula so Denise and I will be playing Trivial Pursuit by ourselves (Ernest doesn't play). Happy New Year, JE.


Curley said...

As you already know, we aren't going anywhere either. Now if the people down the road would just quit shooting off the cannon. Happy New Year to all.