Saturday, December 10, 2011


This morning I got up with the sunrise (which here is about 7:00AM.) I made a pot of coffee and ate a bowl of cereal. Kiddo had fallen asleep on the couch in the living room last night. (The poor guy has a bad cold and is taking Nightquil.) So, in order not to disturb him, I took my coffee and went into my room and huddled under my covers and read on my novel. Sometime later, I fell asleep and woke up around 10:20AM. Now I feel like something the cats dragged in!
I hate feeling like this. Sluggish and like every move is an effort. And how does getting a few more winks of sleep make you feel this way. Is it a natural phenomenon or is it something that is only designed for me personally? Anyway, it's gross!
In the meantime, Prof got up and sent Kiddo up to his bed to sleep off his cold-meds induced "coma" condition.
I just hope I am not catching his cold.
Maybe the phrase, "getting old is not for sissies," is true. Some days it is just hard to get out of bed!




Curley said...

I hope you aren't coming down with something. Don't want to miss our shopping trip on Monday.

Mellodee said...

Hardly seems fair, does it? I have a few aches and pains from time to time, but so far I've been enormously lucky to be healthy (and enormously surprised as well!), but that sluggish ffeeling after a nap, I don't think is necessarily related to aging. That has been happening to me for years and years.