Sunday, July 15, 2012

Back On the Left!

When Prof moved home from Montana, she came with her Malibu full, plus a U-Haul trailer full. It was winter, slick and icy, and we had to empty the U-haul to get it to the local agency while still under her time limit. So, we unloaded her "stuff" into my garage, on the left side. Since my late wife's car was no longer there, there was plenty of room. In the spring, we also moved two flat bed trailers full, plus my car full and Curley's Suburban full (twice) of Prof's stuff that she had in storage in the City. Rental on her storage unit had doubled in the three years she was gone, so it seemed foolish to keep paying when I still had almost half of a garage with space. After all, the U-Haul load was not all that big. So, for over two years now, I have been able to get my car in the garage on the right side, but not much else.
Today, after coming home from church, Prof and I donned our ugliest and oldest work clothes and went to work in the garage. We had picked up plastic storage bins at Dollar General on the way home, so out we went. We shuffled, condensed, shifted, tossed, and restacked. I managed to move some of my multitude of Christmas decorations, condensed some, shifted some, and even tossed a few old wreaths and strings of unworkable lights. I rehung some stuff, and was able to clear some much needed shelf space for Prof's boxes. After 5 hours and 30 minutes, much sweating, and lots of pulling, tugging and lifting, Prof can now get her car in the garage and so can I. Back on the left side where I used to always park. We took time to sweep it out and even dust off some grunge. It looks so nice and clean. I found some stuff I forgot about, and tossed some that I knew was there but up to now didn't want to deal with. If it wasn't so hot out, I would take a lawn chair out there and just sit and admire our handiwork.
So now I am back to parking on the left side again. It's like old home week in the ol garage!!
My shiny red one on the left. Prof's "Blue Goose" (which pulled the U-Haul from Montana in December, through miles and miles and miles of snow and ice. She never got to drive the speed limit until she was 30 miles from home) in my nice, clean garage.

Peace, (but I am pooped)


Mellodee said...

Our garage is a perpetual dump! We have to park both cars in there (stupid HOA), but the perimeter is and has been a disaster for DECADES. That's a neat trick since we've only lived here for 11 years! The address doesn't seem to matter, wherever the current garage happens to be, it always looks the same....a mess! Mikey has been "cleaning" it out for the last six years. He works in short spurts of an hour or so and then ignores it for another 8 months. I refuse to do anything with it. His garage, his stuff, HIS PROBLEM!

It is one of the major frustrations in my life. If I divorce him, will you come and clean out my garage??? LOL!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Jimmie, how lucky that we don't have a garage or a basement in this VA home, so those are 2 areas we can never clutter up. It is a good feeling to make space and de-clutter as we have been doing the past couple of months. How great that you can now get BOTH cars in the garage.

Ur-spo said...

pooped indeed; I was tired out just to read this!

Terry said...

We ended up with the household items from Denise's mom and sister - her mother passed away and her sister moved - we still haven't cleared them from our garage - a good fall project, I think.

Jimmie Earl said...

Terry, Good luck with the fall project. My mom passed away in 1993, and I brought way too much stuff home from her house. I stashed a lot of it in my garage thinking I wanted it or needed to keep it cause it was Mom's. I still have it stashed in the garage. I keep threatening to leave it there and let my kids worry about it when I am gone. That's what Mom did! LOL! (You might consider doing the same if you decide you'd rather go fishing in the fall!!!) HA!