Monday, July 09, 2012

Time for a change.

Many years ago, my wife decided we needed to decorate one of our bathrooms in lighthouses, and anything nautical. I painted the walls off white, and she put up a border with lighthouses. She added some other nautical stuff,etc. Fifteen years (at least) later I decided to begin changing things in there. I began today.
Due to a leaky roof (now repaired and leak free) there was some water damage to the ceiling. I will have to tear off the loose plaster and re plaster after smoothing out the cracks. The door never ever closed properly since we moved here, but I didn't know exactly what to do about it. Today, I fixed it by simply cutting off about one eighth inch from the top where the frame had settled and now it closes without a problem. I tore down the border and took off some of the scaly paint from some corners and ceiling.
Since Prof is gone for a week to a professional development seminar, I think this will be a good time to work in there. It gets hot in there because there is no window in that room. This is the bathroom that she and my grandson Kiddo use all the time, so off and on he and I will be sharing the shower in my bathroom. I warned him not to count on being able to use his bath for a few days off and on. I don't particularly want him shaving in my sink, but I can save that area of his bathroom for last. Actually that area isn't too bad.
I am choosing the color scheme and theme for there. It is going to be bright since lack of window can make it appear dreary real quickly. It also needs more storage, so I am on the lookout for shelving and drawers to fill an empty space. I know I won't have it all done by Friday when Prof returns, but I hope to have enough done that she can begin to see a difference! Maybe having a door that closes all the way will be enough!



Curley said...

Can't wait to see it. Too bad you can't put a window in there also, but I know that would be a lengthy and expensive prospect. If you need any suggestions on how to do anything, husband is pretty good on those.

Mellodee said...

Not to butt in (of course, I would NEVER do that....ahem)but as for your bathroom. Have you considered one of those Solar Tube things?? They bring in LOTS of light and can be installed rather quickly. I don't know the cost, but it's something to look into. A small, dark room (like a bathroom) with no natural light is almost claustrophobic!

What color are you going to use?

Maggie said...

Hallelujah to a closing door!!!!!! Awesome!

And a trick to the heat: if you have the AC on in the house, close the bathroom door- that little vent in there is powerful and makes it nice and cool. I like to shut it at night so it's good and cold in there in the morning!

Great work on the bathroom- I can't wait to see it! go you!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

WHEW sounds like you have a job ahead, Jimmie. Be sure not to get too hot in there since you can't just open a window :-)