Thursday, July 12, 2012

There's No Biz Like Show Biz

Today is my solo concert! I have practiced and practiced. I have committed great quantities of words and music to my feeble memory. I am ready. Then why am I so scared? I was restless all night, stayed up until midnight and then was up at 5:00 AM fretting about everything from forgetting the words, to forgetting to zip my fly!
I know part of the problem is that I will be expected to talk, too. You know, introduce songs, talk a little to the audience. I hate that part. I get all tongue-tied, and sometimes ramble. I wrote out a mini script, only to have my printer go down last night. I saved it on a "zip stick" so hopefully I can find someone who can print it out for me. I think I could sing in front of an audience at Carnegie Hall, but if I had to talk, I would be a basket case.
The program is only 25 minutes long, and I will have my good friend Susan accompanying me on the piano, and she can play anything and fake the rest! My terrific buddy Curley will be standing in the back cheering me on with her usual smile and enthusiasm. (She'd better be cause she is the one who talked me into doing this...she works there!)
So I say to myself, "Break a leg!" Which maybe if I did and had to go to the emergency room, I could just skip the whole thing! LOL! (Not serious here folks!)

Peace, (with or without the talking)

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Terry said...

I'm guessing the jitters are for naught, JE. I'm sure you'll have the poise and composure of Caruso. I hope someone records it and puts it on you tube so I can see your performance.