Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

I was in a dither about what I should take to my cousin's house on Thanksgiving Day. I don't do fancy, so I considered baking a pan of brownies from a mix. But Professor said that there would probably be enough sweets, and besides I have severely cut back on sweets, and especially chocolate. She suggested that I take "green bean casarole." my response: BLECH! So after much forethought, I baked a loaf of my world famous beer bread. It is cooling on the baking rack as I speak. I also mixed up a cheese spread to put on it. Now, the big decision is what to serve it on. Tilly had all kinds of fancy stuff like plates and bowls, so I just have to pick one that is appropriate. This getting ready for Thanksgiving is hard work.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!



Curley said...

Hard work? Try making the whole meal. Anyway, the beer bread with cheese spread sound real good. Next year we will teach you how to make pumpkin bread, mmmmmmmm. One thing to be thankful for, good friends like you.

Professor said...

I didn't GET green bean cassarole this year- damn it!