Tuesday, November 06, 2007

National Blogger Month???? Blog Every Day???

Are you people nuckin' futs? Up until recently I thought I led a reasonably interesting life, but even then, I would not have enough to blog about every day.
But, since we are, according to the Professor, suppose to blog every day, I can tell you that I HATE IT GETTING DARK SO DAMN EARLY!!! As if living alone isn't bad enough, now that we have ended Daylight Savings Time here in Area 52, the nights are really L O N G! Hell, at 8:30 last night, I thought it was time to go to bed. This, combined with the fact that TV this season SUCKS, makes ol' JE quite pissed. My friends at school tell me that I need to "get a life." I am not ready for a "life" like they're talking about. No where in the near or distant future will I be. And one can only walk around WalMart and Kroger's so much before the wait-help start getting suspicious!
So, I guess I will read a book, do some laundry and clean another room.
Oh, one highlight: my bro from TX is coming to Area 52 on business next week, and he is going to spend the biggest share of 4 days with me. That will be a blast! We can act like we used to when we were still kids and no one will be the wiser. We can belch and fart without wives making crass remarks, stay up and drink beer and watch stupid movies on the telly. Sounds like fun to me.

Grace to all!


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Professor said...

Good luck with blogging every day. Gawd, by the end I'll be writing about how the dirt blows in swirls around my yard... sheesh!

Have fun with US- and I don't want to hear about belching and farting when I call to check that you guys are still alive! Some things a daughter can do without!

And maybe this will be a bit encouraging- with the time change I get up and go to school in the dark and when I leave it's dark- at 4 pm... take some relief that you aren't here for this!