Friday, November 23, 2007


I had an unusual Thanksgiving Day. The first one alone (without Tilly) which made it unususal. Then there is the fact that I jumped in the shower and had only "warm" water. I showered quickly, got dressed in old jeans and a sweat shirt and headed down into the dungeon (better known as the cellar) to check out the hot water heater. The pilot light had gone out. To get to the mechanics of the HWH, one has to climb over the furnace cold air return intake hose, crawl on hands and knees under duct work through cob webs and damp whatever, around a corner, and practically stand on ones head to view the burner and pilot light area. I did all that, which gets harder every time I have to do it. I relit the pilot light. Oh, I forgot to mention that I tromped down the steps in boots and then discovered I had forgotten a flashlight. The "trouble light" I keep down there had a blown bulb, but, being the pioneer I am, I scrounged around through the crap that is down there and found an old lamp which still had a bulb in it. It worked so I was in business. When I finally got the pilot light relit, the HWH wouldn't come on. Upon further inspection, I discovered moisture in the burner. I have no idea how to dry out a gas burner, so I thought "to heck with it" and came back up stairs and called the repair man. I got his wife, who is not a nice person, ask anyone (but her) and I explained my trouble. I also said that I could get by until Friday as I didn't want Phil to have to get out on Thanksgiving. That made her a little happier. I heated a tea kettle (yes I do know how to boil water) and heated enough water to shave. I sliced my bread, put the cheese spread in a pretty bowl, spread the sliced bread around it in an attractive array, covered it with foil and left for the day.
I had a great time visiting with cousins and eating a vast amount of food. I don't think I have ever seen such a vast array of desserts on one table, either. But I did use SOME restraint there. I had a piece of pecan pie and a piece of pumpkin roll. We had the typical dinner, but thank goodness, no green bean cassarole. Yeah rah!! After the dinner, I watched NFL until I fell asleep sitting up in an antique reed bottomed chair. My cousin and I did get a good visit in while others played "Balderdash."
Outside, the wind blew and the snow swirled. The horses in the barnyard frolicked like they were still colts. It was a typical Area 52 Thanksgiving.
I came home close to dark, and decided to put up a Christmas tree. I dug out a small tree, and the decorations to go on it. I was putting on the last of the ornaments when Lil Bro and Sistah stopped by. They stayed for a couple of hours. We visited. When they left, I fell asleep watching a movie on DVD that I had rented, so today I am going to rewatch it. I can't shower until I have hot water. So I am in my flannel pants, oversized sweatshirt and am going to drink coffee and watch the movie and veg out. Then, when I have hot water, I have scads of laundry and some dishes to do.
Ah, life is not so bad!

Everyone have a safe and fun weekend!



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Professor said...

Sounds like a great day! And no green bean cassarole??? OMG!