Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My Wednesday Blog

It's Wednesday already. Hump day is almost over. Only two more days until the weekend. I am going out of state to visit friends, so it ought to be fun.
In order to blog, I have some random thoughts to share.

  • Why do toilets in the Northern Hemisphere swirl clockwise when flushed, when my friend from "down under" says theirs swirls counter-clockwise?
  • Have you ever noticed that the elsatic always goes out of the legs on skivvies before the waist goes?
  • Middle school age girls have a lot of attitude!
  • Even though fall and cold is here, the grass still grows. Damn it!
  • In Area 52 we pay property taxes. They always come due when one needs the money for Christmas shopping.
  • Flannel sheets and flannel pajamas are not compatible.
  • There isn't a color that goes well with mauve. What is "mauve" exactly?
  • Just because a teacher has taught for almost 3 decades, does that give he or she the license to never change teaching methods?
  • Sometimes it is just better to keep my mouth shut.
  • I heard the other day that e mails are out of style. Every one is texting now. Just what is texting. Is that what is causing us to be a nation of non-spellers?
  • Sometimes you find out that your friends, really aren't your friends, and that hurts, even at my age.

Well, this was an effort in futility, but I at least got in a blog today. I will do better tomorrow.

Grace to all



Lilith said...

"Flannel sheets and flannel pajamas are not compatible."

Ahh, I have learned that the hard way too. That combination tends to make some wicked static shock!

Texting is what you do with your cell phone, and yes I believe that along with instant messenging is why people can't spell worth a damn!

curley said...

Good thoughts, I agree with you. If you had ever tried to text message you would know why they use a sort of shorthand text. Give me a full size keyboard any day. At least I know what to do with that. And yes, teen-age girls have attitude, and teen-age boys as well.Look forward to tomorrow's blog.