Saturday, July 26, 2008

All I Can Say Is WOW!

This afternoon we drove out to a ranch to visit some of Prof's friends. We drove 31 miles out of town, made a right turn into their "lane" and then drove for at least 4 miles back to their ranch. We had to stop and let the sheep they raise get up and out of the lane. There weren't just a few sheep, there were hundreds! We had a nice lunch, toured their garden, and visited the pen where they kept bum lambs. (Lambs that for some reason their mothers wouldn't take care of them.) Then we headed on to Ft. Peck. There is a LARGE reservoir there, and a town. It has a theater and has a summer theater troupe that they recruit from universities in surrounding states, as well as Montana. We saw an absolutely fantastic performance of "Jesus Christ, Superstar." The players were young, vibrant and full of excitement and enthusiasm. Their artistic director came out and talked to us before the performance and said for us to watch out, that these actors would be famous some day. I believe every word of it. It was hard to sit through some of the scenes. For me, the crucifixion scene was the hardest. It represented the most horrible example of mans inhumanity to man to me. I cried! Sorry, I know it was a play, but I was so deeply moved, I cried.
After the play, we left fort Peck for the 88 mile trek back to Prof's town. Just leaving town, two mule deer came bounding out of the driver's side ditch, across the road, and one of them ran into our car. It tumbled, rolled, and got up and ran off. We stopped to survey the damage, and it wasn't bad. A scratch, and a few deer hairs, and some of what we think is mud! Maybe not! Driving home, we encountered at least 50 mule deer along the roadside. It made me nervous, but Prof was driving and said that "you get used to it." You just move slower, and watch closely, and be prepared to stop and let them cross the road. In that 88 mile span of highway, both highways being well traveled state roads, we met 7 cars. Of course it was between 10:30 and 12:30 at night, but in Indiana, you can't go a mile without seeing at least 1 car! I told Prof that if I lived here, I would just stay in town after dark. Well, so much for that idea, we came around the corner onto her street, and there was a mule deer grazing in her neighbor's yard. What a place! What a life! I love it here!
Peace and Hope!


Curley said...

Glad you love it. Just remember 99 + degrees to what below zero? Great place to visit, but live? I don't know. Can't wait to talk to you when you get back to the land of OZ.

Jimmie Earl said...

Curley: I could NOT live here, however much I like it. It's just too remote for me. It's 175 miles to the nearest Hobby Lobby, for heaven's sake! Might limit the trips just a little more than I wish! HA! And you're right about the temps. Darn hot, even if it's a dry heat, it's still darn hot. And a way big NO to the winters here! But it's been fun and I'm glad that I came. I'm anxious to get back to OZ, too.

Farrago said...

Hmmph! I spent 2 days with Professor, and she didn't take me to see a play, or to the Tastee Freez, or let me hit any deer with my car.

She acts like you're family, ersumpn.



I'm glad you (are having/have had) a great time. It's a cool place!