Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Road Trip to the "City"

Yesterday we decided to take a "road trip" to the local WalMart. We made our lists and took off. Bear in mind it is 83 miles, and 1 hour and 15 minutes drive to the City. Remember also that the speed limit on Montana roads is 70 miles per hour during the day. (65mph at night) We actually met 13 cars in that 83 miles. The road laid out in front of us like a brown and yellow ribbon. The buttes beckoned in the distance and the prairie rolled on and on. City was about like any other town with the usual fast food restaurants and a Wally World. We had pasta and breadsticks at Pizza Hut and hit the "mart." I had my film developed and put on disc, Prof made her necessary purchases, I bought beer and wine. We went to another store where I contemplated buying a "real" Stetson western hat. But, I just couldn't justify the $80. So it still sits on the store's shelf. We stopped so Prof could get her peppermint mocha, and then headed home. Again, I counted the vehicles that we met on the trek home: 8. We rolled back into town both feeling relief to be away from the crowded streets and again in the open spaces. Later we went to the H-Bar for a beer or two and one of Prof's friends showed up with his guitar and his mom and her bass. We jammed for a while, then I came home and hit the sack. Another great Montana day!

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