Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tour of the Breaks

Saturday, Professor took me out to the "Missouri Breaks." This area is a geological phenomena created by glaciers and the Missouri River eons ago. It has got to be the most hauntingly beautiful spot I have ever been.
We left TMoN on a state highway. This state highway is gravel. It is two cars wide plus some just like the state highways in Area 52, but it is GRAVEL! The posted speed limit was 50 mph, but if you drove 30mph you would "washboard" all over the place. So, it was a nice scenic ride, where I got to see the changes in terrain come almost as if there was a line drawn across the state in spots. The terrain in and around TMoN is rolling, with some buttes, few trees. As we neared the Breaks, the terrain changed, becoming more rugged and dotted with pine trees. Prof has a favorite spot where she likes to pull off and take pictures. I walked with her to the "edge" of the breaks. Looking out and DOWN I saw gullies and mountains cut into the earth. The road wound on down and through these. I took many pictures, which I will post some of at a later date. We drove on down the road stopping once in a while to take pictures, or to let free-range cattle which were grazing the roadside, cross the road. We drove on and on until the highway ended at Hell Creek State Park. Hell Creek is a finger of the Ft. Peck reservoir. It is a vast span of water with a marina, boat ramps, and lots of fisherpersons. Yesterday was the ladies walleye fishing tournament. We walked all over the marina, took more pictures, and then began the trip home. On the way back, more cattle, AND we actually had to stop for a herd of horses, owned by a nearby ranch, as they ambled down the road, grazing the roadside and just taking their own sweet time moving out of the way. I got some great shots! Gotta get to a one hour photo shop! Yeah, right. Nearest one of those is in a town 92 miles away. Maybe later in the week.
We arrived back in town, took a tour of the school where Prof teaches, then onward to get ice cream at the little Tastee Freeze. Later we went to the Cafe for supper. I had finger steaks and curly fries. I can see that I will have to go back on the diet when I get home to Area 52.

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