Friday, July 18, 2008

I Flew!

Yes, you are reading right! I flew to Montana to visit my daughter, Professor. I had been told for the last 44 years that I couldn't, under any circumstances, fly in an airplane. I have had several MAJOR surgeries on my ears over the years, and docs have always advised me to not fly.
Recently, I changed ENT doctors. My new dr, Dr. Cindi, said that I could fly. She told me no one should fly if they have either an ear infection or a sinus infection, and since I had neither, I could fly whenever I wanted to. She gave me some advice: one hour before flight time, use a 12 hour nasal spray in each nostral, and then chew gum throughout the flight. She gave me a little pamphlet to read about flying with ear problems. Guess what sports fans, it worked. I am now blogging from Prof's computer (really Kiddo's, but he's in Area 52 with the father-figure).
TMOFN is really a different place than what I am used to. First of all, it is small. Very small. And there is no rhyme or reason to the way the town is laid out. No zoning laws against junk cars, and mobile homes like back home. But.... I like it. I could not live here, it's just too remote for me. But the area around town is rolling, and hauntingly beautiful. They haven't had rain since June 7th, so it is very dry. We went past the BLM building outside town and today's fire alert is "moderate." One thing I have noticed, the people here are very friendly. Curious, I think, because they all seem to know I was arriving, and want to catch a glimpse of me. But they are extremely polite and accepting so far.
I have met Professor's neat friend, Wilber. She is a workaholic, bounces from cooking at the cafe to working on a ranch, to farming. She also makes beautiful quilts. I have seen some of her handiwork...lovely. She is generous with her time and her hard earned bucks. And she must have patience galore because she is teaching Professor to quilt. Amazing! Wait until you see the quilt she is making me!
I neglected to tell you that IMoFN has only two paved streets. One is a state highway that passes through from East to West. The rest of the streets are dirt and stone. Some are maintained better than others, but the people here don't seem to mind. Pickup trucks are in the majority here, the streets are wide, especially downtown. It seems that they pile the large quantities of snow down the middle in the winter.
I am having a great time. It will be an interesting stay. I have been alone a lot in the past several months and having to be around people all the time will take some getting used to. Prof and I have made an agreement to let each other know if we need some space. That shouldn't be too hard; there's lots of wide open space here.

Peace and Hope

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