Friday, July 25, 2008

Catching Up

Yesterday, Thursday, we were going to take off and drive West to the mountains. I laid in bed the night before and figured that it would cost about $150.00 in gas alone to make the round trip. Was it worth it? I awoke to thunder rumbling across the sky in the morning. Then the lightening started flashing, more thunder, and then the rain started. This was rolling in from the west, so I suggested that maybe it wouldn't be too prudent to journey that way into the storms. The storms just kept coming. By noon, though, it was clear here, storms had passed and it was a beautiful day. I just couldn't justify spending that many dollars when I had already seen so much around this area. It seemed pretty selfish. So we just stayed in town, visited the library, and I met more of Prof's friends. We ate at the cafe again for supper. Best bacon cheeseburger I have ever eaten. (It's about that diet!) Then off to the Tastee Freeze for a cone, then home. Wilber came over for a visit, we laughed, then as all good things must come to an end, she went home, and we crashed. Again another fun Montana day.
Today, we invited to another friend's home for lunch, then on to the reservoir, and then the theater to see "Jesus Christ, Superstar." Prof got us seats on the 3rd row. Tomorrow, who knows what is going to happen. Think we're visiting another ranch. Not sure.
Peace and Hope!

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