Sunday, July 20, 2008

See What I Mean!!!

Here I am standing atop the "Missouri Breaks" before we descended into them.

Here we were down in the "Breaks" at the marina on Hell Creek, a finger of the Ft. Peck reservoir. The darkness across the lake on the hillside is cloud shadow. Beautiful.

Here's the herd of ranch horses that were blocking the highway on the way home!

More later!

Peace and Hope JE


Curley said...

Great Pics. Looks like you are have a good time. Call when you get back.

booknut26 said...

Awesome pictures. Looks like you're having fun.

Farrago said...

Pic #3 (horses)....Tee hee... you said "highway."

JE, the daughter must be getting tired of all those sights. She just took me there last week! And we were blocked by the same horses, too!

Jimmie Earl said...

Farrago: Believe it or not, it is a state highway. I couldn't believe it cause all my state's highways are tarmac. I loved the horses!
Curley: I am having a good time. I will call you.
Booknut26: Thanks for stopping by. I am having a ball.