Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More than you Probably Want to Know!

My Roommate and I once

Caught our outside apartment stairs on fire while grilling out. (College days!)

Never in my life have I

had so much alone time.

High school was

Not a pleasant experience for me. Proof positive that your peers are your worst enemies.

When I am nervous

I talk incessantly.

My hair

is almost gone.

When I was 5…

I celebrated my birthday with a tonsillectomy.

By this time next year

I'll be ready to retire, but I won't be old enough!

My favorite aunt is

I don't have any living ones anymore, but my Aunt Kate was awesome.

I have a hard time understanding:

Where teenagers are ""coming from" these days.

You know I like you if:

I keep eye contact with you after 2 minutes of conversation.

My ideal breakfast is:

A western omelet, crisp bacon, and coffee, followed by a cream cheese danish.

If you visit my hometown:

You will be bored shitless!

If you spend the night at my house:

You will think my guest room is a storeroom, which it is.

My favorite redhead is:

Reba McIntire

My favorite brunette is:

Martina McBride

The animal I would like to see flying is:

an owl, never seen one in flight.

I shouldn’t have been:

allowed to quit college when I did.

Last night:

I Watched the movie, "Indian Summer," with a Snickers and a Coors.

I’ve been told I look like:

my dad.

If I could have any car it would be:

a Vette (red)

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Professor said...

Okay, you've been home for three days! Where's the 'wrap up the trip" post? The highlight and lowlight awards? huh? huh? miss you!