Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another Confound List!

Say The First Thing(s) That Comes To Mind When You Hear:
..rain?:leaks in the roof
..summer love?:Jennifer ONeill
..Laura?:Ingalls Wilder
..Juan?:Valdez wanna new one
..peppermint?:Starbucks White Peppermint Mocha
..New Found Glory?:Retirement???
..placebo?:Coors Light longneck and dark chocolate juice?:heartburn
..candid camera?:my daughter-in-law and her new camera
..sister?:don’t have one, but a fine sister-in-law comes to mind guy
..hate?:I'm having to deal with this right now!
..President?:Can we ever find a worthy candidate? and Packers forever!
..rap?:worst music (noise) ever
..rock?: and roll forever
..punk?:a few of my students
..death?: rather not even think about it right now! I'm gonna be a grandpa again
..duuude?:an expression I even use once in a while
..the end?:of what?

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