Wednesday, January 02, 2008

In With the New

In prep for starting my new second job tomorrow, I took down the Christmas tree today. Had a Dr. appointment, did some shopping and went to church this evening. I am wandering into a land of Computers in this new part time job. It will be a challenge for someone who is so computer illiterate. But I am up for the task. I just realized that tomorrow and Friday I have to be up by 6:15 am at the latest to be to work by 7:00. This sucks. On my full time job, I don't have to be in the school until 7:35. But my new PT boss wants me to work 7-4 tomorrow and Friday for the ojt training. Then on Monday, I will start at 4 and work until 6-6:30 each evening. Shouldn't be too bad once I learn the ropes. I will be in an office by myself each evening, so it should be relatively quiet. Anything to help pay the bills right now.

Wish me luck!



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