Saturday, January 05, 2008

Hey, I Can Cook

Tonight I was hungry. I could either go out and eat alone, or stay home and cook something and alone. I pulled a chicken breast out of the freezer and put it to thaw. When I was ready to cook, I got out the old faux G Foreman grill we have had for years. I plopped that chicken breast on it, set the timer for 15 minutes and slammed the lid down.
While that was cooking, I cut up a sweet onion and set it to sauteing in EVOO, added a little salt, a touch of garlic, and some cinnamon. When the onion started to turn transparent, I added a splash of chicken broth and a quarter cup of Mike's Hard Berry Wine cooler. I also added a handful of raisins and some dried cranberrys. I turned down the heat and let this cook down.
When the chicken breast was done, I poured the onion mixture over the top.
For dessert, I cut up a banana, added some pineapple tidbits, topped it all off with cinnamon/sugar mix. I finished off the rest of the bottle of Mike's Hard Berry with the meal.
This was good. Just had to share. Try might like it.

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Lilith said...

Sounds interesting. Hey if you want to use that indoor grill more, I have the perfect book for you. It was sent to me by mistake and has tons of recipes in it for indoor grills!