Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weather, whether we like it or not!

After a few days respite from the deep freeze, with temps in the 40's, it's getting cold again. When I left my second job at 6 pm tonight, it was 42 degrees. And it was sprinkling kind of a half-assed rain. I went immediately to my church for a meeting. At 7:30, it was 36F and raining, thunder, lightening and the whole bit. Now, at 10:22 pm it is 20 degrees and snowing it's ass off out there. I can feel the house cooling down. The wind speed is about 50 mph and the temp is expected to drop even more until a +9F is reached by morning.
Professor called and was lamenting that it is VERY cold in Montana with temps not even reaching 0F today. How do those people stand -43F or lower? I cannot imagine it. I hate it when it's this cold. I cannot even think about living like that. Yet they do it everyday and don't think a thing about it. Tomorrow morning, we will probably have at least a 2 hour delay at school. Montanians don't ever miss school because of the cold. They did send the bus riding kids home early today because the diesel fuel on the busses gels when it gets that cold.
On the other hand, I talked to my brother in TX last night. Their weather is like my spring. In the 50's and 60's. My sister in law and her cousin went skiing in Colorado. I asked my brother why he didn't go along. His answer: "It's too effing cold." I invited him here to Area 52...same response.
You know, the older I get and the closer to retirement age I get, the better living in Fort Worth, TX sounds. I loved that town. I could live there in a heartbeat.
What was the point of this blog? Just a point made about weather, whether we like it or not, it's a way of life no matter where we live.

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Professor said...

We've been enjoying some warmer weather the last few days, with it up in the high 20's and low 30's, but alas, it's going to drop down and give us a high of -2 come Saturday.

And how do we do it? Well, after the initial shock wears off, we just sort of adapt. I layer my clothes and don't stray to far from home. And we wear scarves and mittens in the house- hey, when it's -33 for 3 weeks in a row, no matter how hard the heater works, it's just not gonna get that warm...

(You know you're in Montana when you go to a Wal-Mart at 8 pm and the entire lot is full of running pick ups and cars because it's way too cold to turn them off to go in and shop!)