Thursday, May 05, 2011

Books Galore and Other Stuff!

This afternoon my brother and I headed out to his library. WOW! It is huge. Where my small town library has maybe 8 or 10 rows of books,(fiction) this library has at least 50. The whole ground floor is fiction. The non-fiction is on an upper level. I was amazed. So, I pulled a few goodies off the shelves, and Bro checked them out on his card. Now I am satisfied for at least a week.
We also went to some hardware stores. It's a guy thing, but we did need to replenish the supply of wild bird seed. And we stopped at McDonald's so I could get my fry fix. And a "sweet tea." We're back home and I just came in from the deck where we put up the table umbrella and got out the chair cushions.
Sis-in-law continues to mulch, mulch, mulch. Last night she went to her "garden club" and brought home even more plants. Us guys stayed home and watched "Criminal Minds" and "Special Victims," drank beer and just enjoyed each other's company. I guess we will have another night by ourselves, as it is Sis's night to go play Mai Jong. We talked about going to Sonic for chicken fried steak sandwiches. Don't know about that though. Lots of carbs! Tomorrow lunch we are meeting friends at a Mexican restaurant. That should be fun. Next week is a Rangers baseball game one afternoon. Bro has to have some minor surgery on the 11th for a growth on his cheek. It has been determined that it is cancerous, but not serious. We also have relatives coming in from San Diego for an overnight stay before they move on to more relatives in Fort Worth. Time sure is passing fast. Before I know it, it will be time to say farewell and fly home. I am missing my family, but know they are all taking care of themselves with out my help. I am relaxing and having a great time. Praise the Lord for that!


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Curley said...

Glad you are having a good time, but sure do miss you. I'm hungry for IHOP. Take care and see you soon.