Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Am Home, Retired and Tired...

I had a simply grand vacation. It was relaxing. Absolutely NO stress involved. My Bro and SIL were the ultimate hosts. They fed me well, and let me sleep until I was ready to get up in the mornings. They took me to see neat stuff and we visited some really nice eateries.
Now I am home and am still recovering from "jet lag." That is, if you can get jet lag from a flight of only 1 hour and 40 minutes and only crossing one time zone. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it.
Truthfully, I have turned into a slug. It is so much easier to stay home in my comfort zone, and recliner than it is to go away. And, I have been caught up in the whirlwind of activity centered around Kiddo's graduation ever since I hit the door. Now that that stuff is all history, I am planning on setting some new goals for myself.
I need to get up earlier. This is bugging me probably the most. When I don't hit the kitchen until about 10 AM, I feel like I have wasted half the day.
I need to regulate my eating habits. This is going to happen. Those of you who read my daughter's blog know that we are starting Weight Watchers. I only hope it works for me. I have some serious tonnage to lose.
I need to get more exercise. I sit and read or do my crafting so much right now that I feel like I am becoming attached to a chair (or recliner). I have "silver sneakers" option with my health coverage and have been invited to go with friends to the Y for water aerobics. I just have to get up the nerve to don a bathing suit, looking like a beached and bleached whale, and go for it. I like to walk and could use a walking partner at our local walking trail. Maybe if I went sometime, I might meet some single female walking who would like to have a walking partner.
I need to get off Prozac. I talked to my friendly family Dr. and he said it was time, but only if I felt confident to do so. I have to do the alternating day on day off, then two days off and so on until I am off of it. It is scary to me to do this because it has been my safety net since my wife's death. What if I am a babbling idiot without it? I hope my family and friends understand if I don't do well for a while. Or if, heaven forbid, I can't cope and have to stay on it for a longer time. I am willing to give it a try anyhow, and see how it goes.
If I can accomplish these things, life will be great. Not that it isn't great now, but I think I will be happier with myself. That is the most important thing in life...to be able to like yourself!



Mellodee said...

I know pretty much exactly what you mean!! Retirement is great, but I am not a particularly self-motivated person. So every day I think I have to get up off my bottom and get moving! And every day I don't! Ah well, maybe tomorrow! :D

Curley said...

Sounds like a good plan to me. As for getting off Prozac, I too think it is time. You will do fine. You might have some "blue" days but I have confidence in you to be able to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and move forward. Changing your routine is also a good idea. You can also call when you need to talk things through.

Jimmie Earl said...

Thanks Mel for the comment. It helps to know that I'm not the only sedentary retiree.

Curley, how is it that you always know the right things to say to me? Just knowing that you are there for me to talk to and even gripe to is worth everything. Thanks for being my friend. I'd hate to think where the last 4 years would have led me if you hadn't been there for me in both glad and sad times.

booknut said...

I hope you know that your family is always here for you, too, if you need to talk. Good luck with the Weight Watchers. I've thought about doing that, too. The kids and I would be good walking partners! MY kids love being outside!