Monday, May 02, 2011

Here's What I Think...

The news of the death of bin Laden reached me last night. At first, I was joyous, just like many other Americans. I have friends who have children and grandchildren fighting the good fight in the Mideast, so my first thought was of them.
But, in retrospect my feeling is this: isn't it a shame that the world is in such a crisis that we have to hunt down people and kill them to have some peace. What bin Laden orchestrated in our country with the distruction of the twin towers, the downed plane, and the crash at the Pentagon was unforgivable. I understand that. This force of evil needed to be eliminated, and it seems that he was a coward and hid behind his followers like a child hiding behind its parent.
If his death was the only way to end this mayhem, then I guess that was the way it had to be. But it is a shame that our world has come to this.
The Bible speaks that "there will always be wars and talks of wars." It also teaches us that "thou shall not kill." Maybe someday we will all be able to live this way. So, today, I guess I feel grateful to the soldiers who persevered all these years to find and eliminate another threat of terrorism, but in my heart I can't help but feel that there should have been another way.
Bear in mind that this is only my opinion and one not shared by many.

Peace (hopefully soon),


Curley said...

Profound and well said.

Mellodee said...

After reading several blogs posts about the demise of this man, I think that we are all feeling very much the same. We are conflicted over his death, because most of us never celebrate death, even when it is deserved. Yet a part of us feels grateful that the man is no longer living to cause more chaos throughout the world. He chose his path in life and that path led to misery, grief, pain, horror, and death, even murder of those who dare to oppose him.

Lilith said...

The Bible also states, "eye for an eye."