Friday, May 06, 2011


In two more days, it will be Mother's Day. I could wait and post about mothers then but I had them on my mind today. No guess where my mind might be in two days!! You know...those "senior moments."
First that comes to mind is my mom. She was a dandy. A lady in every sense of the word. She was kind and considerate to everyone, and a great mother-in-law and grandma. Both my brother and I still miss her kindness and humor.
Next was my late wife. She was a great partner to me and mom to our kids. Strict in some instances, and very lenient in other ways. Maybe sometimes a little critical, but even then she had the kids best interests at heart. It seems like she always knew the right thing to do in a crisis, then fell apart when it was all over. She had a big heart. We all regret that it quit beating all too young. She is missed.
My daughter is a fabulous mom. She has basically raised her teenage son alone since he was 3. And she has done a fantastic job. She is the type of mom to give Kiddo space, yet lets him know that he has boundaries. She is loving and funny and rolls with the punches. I notice that she always ends the day with Kiddo with "I love you." What more can a father, grandpa ask for?
My daughter-in-law is a wonderful mom, too. With two little ones under 3 she has her hands full and takes it all in stride. She has the patience of Job and doesn't let the kids rile her, at least not outwardly. She's a good wife to my son and they are a happy family.
I must mention my sister-in-law here, too. She is a marvel. She's a loving wife to my brother, and friend to me, and a great mom and grandma. She is a gardener, not only of plants and earth, but of the soul. Her faith is strong and it shows in the way she conducts herself. I appreciate her more than I can say.
One other mom pops up here, and that is Curley. Curley is probably the most patient person I know. She seldom says an unkind word about anyone. She is supportive to those around her. She takes splendid care of her husband and two sons. She befriends those who are down. She cares for the weak, both in body and spirit. She has dedicated her life to her family, and was a stay-at-home mom for years and years. When she decided to go to work, she got a job helping others at our local senior center. What a gal! Curley, you are one of a kind and I am glad you are my friend.
So, hats off to moms everywhere, but especially to those who have touched my life. They are all wonderful.



Curley said...

How nice, Thank you for the kind words.

Maggie said...

Thank you! I'm all teared up!