Monday, May 23, 2011

What I Read #39

Rainwater by Sandra Brown: The year is 1934. The place is a small Texas town. Ella Barron is a divorcee with a special needs son. To make ends meet, Ella runs a boarding house. Two of her boarders are spinster sisters, Pearl and Violet. When David Rainwater comes to town and needs a place to stay, he takes a room with Ella.
In a small town full of bigots, and do-gooders, there is bound to be a clash eventually. What happens as a result of these clashes will astound you.
This is a story of Ella's courage, David's determination, and the discovery that Ella's son, Solly, is not retarded. As a matter of fact, he's quite remarkable.

A good read. Enjoy!

Happy Reading,

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