Monday, May 30, 2011

What I Read #43

Cold As Ice by Anne Stuart: Her job was supposed to be an easy one. All attorney Genevieve Spenser had to do was deliver some legal documents to Harry Van Dorn and get his signature. Soon she discovers that this is no easy task as her life is put on the line.
Will she give her life to Dorn's evil cause, and become collateral damage, or will she survive?
Stuart does a fine job of holding the reader's interest until the climax of this novel. She is a "master of creating chilling atmosphere with a modern touch/" (Library Journal)
For a quick read on a rainy afternoon, pick this one up!

Happy Reading,

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Mellodee said...

You may be the only person I "know" that reads more than I do! Oh, I get it....we're both retired and finally have the time to read as much as we want!!

Ain't it grand?