Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hotmail Hell!

While I was on vacation, Prof used my computer to access her Hotmail account while her laptop was charging, or something. According to her, this only happened once or twice, but now, for some reason, she is locked in as a user on my computer and I cannot access my Hotmail account. Every time I try to go on my account, it comes up with her user name and says that someone was using my computer to send out spam mail or some such nonsense. I tried to log on with my laptop and got the same message. Also, when I go to blogger, via my shortcut on my screen, it comes up "cannot access" because of the darn Hotmail snafu.
AND, to make matters worse, there is no 800 number to access Microsoft for this problem, and if you follow their instructions on line, it just sends you in a circle and you keep getting the same error messages and stuff. ARRRRGGGGG!
I hate Microsoft! Either they are a bunch of idiots in tech clothing, or they assume that we are all idiots!

I am so pissed!


PS: This hinders all comments that some courteous blog reader might wish to make from reaching me. So, desist commenting until Prof and I figure this out. I will let you know when it's safe to resume. Thanks!

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