Tuesday, May 03, 2011

What I Read #33

Hot by John Lutz: PI Fred Carver is hired to find out what is going on in Key West, FL. Retired policeman Henry Tiller, who lives in Key Montaigne suspects drug running and other crimes are being committed by rich man Walt Ranier. He seems to own the Key.

Asissted by his girlfriend, Beth, and a cop friend DeSoto, Carver goes on the hunt.

This novel moves, is exciting and comes to a powerful, surprise ending. Dated 1992, I picked this one up at my local used bookseller. I am going to look for more novels by Lutz.

Happy Reading,
*Note: I'm on vacation so not posting pictures of covers at this time.

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Curley said...

Sounds good. Can I borrow when you get home?