Monday, June 20, 2011

37 Things About JE. (Not My Real Name.)

1. I descend from Irish/German. Both family lines have been in North America at least since 1843.

2. I am the youngest of two boys. I am the shortest in height, and look the oldest, which probably pleases my older brother.

3. Both parents are gone now; when they were alive they were fantastic parents,who really loved each other.

4. I collect nothing anymore. To much dusting. My late wife and I collected Nativity Scenes. Now all but a couple remain in boxes in the garage.

5. I like music related art work.

6. Milk makes me ill. But I can eat ice cream; go figure.

7. Coffee is my drink of choice. No latte or mocha, just coffee, fresh ground, please.

8. I try to walk every day. And watch my diet very closely.

9. I enjoy Opera. My favorite opera is “La Boheme”.

10. My favorite composer is Bach.

11. I am a certified Paraprofessional in Special Education .

12. I have gone through many heartaches and have survived..

13. After 66 years of living in the Midwest, I still live in the Midwest: Indiana.

14. I take medicine for high blood pressure and high cholesterol/triglycerides.

15. I have smoked tobacco and marijuana (once.). I quit smoking in 2000.

16. I hope I never stop learning and growing.

17. My fears – snakes, wind, dying alone.

18. I love to read. I would choose a book over most activities most of the time.

19. Things I haven’t ever done (so far) – , been arrested,( even for a traffic violation,) bungee jumped, or had a passport.

20. I love to garden; not the mowing or weeding, but planting things and watching them grow is fascinating.

21. Some of my favorite things – thunderstorms, a back rub, Netflix, Margaritas, and other things which would make this blog "not safe for work." Beside that, my kids read this!

22. I continue to operate on the advice of "Make a joyful unto the Lord."

23. I never heard of blogs until 2006. Now I am ‘quite into it’ and enjoy the opportunity to write and ‘meet others’ through their writing.

24. I have your basic "Procrastination" wiring. It drives those around me "nuts" but they adjust.

25. I am Protestant, Methodist.

26. I am ambidextrous, but write right handed. Eat left.

27. I have a small hump at the base of my neck.

28. I can’t operate the X Box 360 or Play Station that my grandson hooks up to my TV.

29. I taught English at a 2 year college for a while.

30. I am aggravated by ignorance, rude people, and drivers using cell-phones.

31. I make crocheted stuff, my own greeting cards,and I have even made a few quilts.

32. I tend to ramble if I talk too much.

33. I speak some Spanish; I do English well; my choice of subjects to teach.

34. I don't like hot and spicy foods; I love Ice Cream!

35. My favorite mustard is Dijon.

36. I think it would be fun to meet people with whom I blog, and my pen pal in New Zealand.

37. I want to see Nova Scotia before I die.

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