Thursday, June 02, 2011

What I Read #44

Mourning Gloria by Susan Wittig Albert: Another China Bayles mystery. The town of Pecan Springs is in a turmoil over a arson-homicide. China is in the throes of helping Sheriff Blackie solve the ugly crime.
Join China and the gang as they go about operating their businesses in downtown Pecan Springs. Be aware that China's husband, McQuaid, is out of town, giving China even more freedom to spring into action as her own personal investigator.
Discussed in this novel are many plants as usual, only you will find that some of the most innocent plants that even you may have growing, have psychoactive properties. These discussions make this an even more entertaining read.
Whittig-Albert has again brought the reader to the fictitious Texas town of Pecan Springs, and makes it and the people living so believable that you want to visit.

Happy Reading,


Mellodee said...

She is one of my favorites! I have all of the China Bales books and both my daughter and I enjoy them thoroughly. Of course, living in Austin (she lives near by), it feels like a bit of a connection. There are any number of towns around here that could be Pecan Springs, unfortunately none of them are!

You always surprise me with the type of books you enjoy. Many of them I have thought of as "women's literature", but I guess I was wrong!

Jimmie Earl said...

My late wife got me started reading. She would suggest books with the "give this one a try" attitude. I started reading what she read, then branched out to my own genres, but I still keep up with some of the favorites of hers that became favorites of mine. China Bayles and Bennie Harper are still two of my favorites.
There's still nothing like a good shoot-em up thriller, though.

gusDon said...

Novels about China are always just invite a lot of questions. I've read a few, they have many cultures and always a lot of mystery there!
The book was also interesting, I'll look later...