Thursday, June 16, 2011

What I Read #47

Perfect Peace by Daniel O. Black: When Emma Jean Peace gives birth to her seventh son, she is determined to fool the whole community by raising that son as the daughter she always wanted. Never giving it a thought to how it will affect the child's life, she showers "Perfect" with everything she hasn't given her sons. Even love.
When "Perfect" discovers "she" is a "he" it not only shatters Emma Jean's dream, and life, it becomes the talk of the small, black community of Swamp Creek. Why did Emma Jean do this? Has she lost her mind?
Despite criticism and cruelty within his own family and the community, Perfect, now Paul, rises above it all as he grows up. But will he ever find perfect peace?
In this novel, Daniel Black has opened up rural, black Southern lives, baring them raw. The uneducated, yet hard working people of the mid-twentieth century were a complex breed, and Black has shown us just how complex.
I was captivated by this work. The further I read, the more I wanted too. Black is a dynamic voice for the plight of his people. This poignant story lets us know just how dynamic he is!

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