Sunday, June 05, 2011

What I Read #45

The Brave by Nicholas Evans: The story of Tommy Bedford, a young boy from a dysfunctional British family. Tommy hides is discomfort with his family by watching American westerns on TV. Fearing that they will be snubbed my their peers, Tommy's parents send him off to boarding school at age 8. Here, he is bullied, yet learns to fight back.
When his sister, an accomplished British stage actress is offered a part in an American movie, Tommy is "hijacked" and goes to Hollywood with her. This is a move that changes his life forever.

This novel by the author of The Smoke Jumper and The Horse Whisperer is certainly different from his other books. I found the story hard to follow at times because it kept jumping from when Tommy was a child, to when he was an adult. The only way to tell when the time frame changed was when his name went from Tommy to Tom or vise-versa.

Though I enjoyed The Brave, I didn't think it compared to some of Evan's earlier works.

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