Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weird Phone Call

I just got a strange, and somewhat comical phone call. Someone called in regards to my son's ex wife. Now, bear in mind, he was married to this witch for about 5 months way back in 1999. Big mistake, and one that he PAID dearly for. Who ever this caller was, wanted information about this woman, quoting many last names, indicating that she has been married numerous times since being my brief daughter-in-law.
My response amused the caller. I said that she was no relative of ours. That she was married to my son very briefly way back in 1999. A hard lesson, but he learned it! I went on to say that if this guy found her, just take her out and shoot her. He would be doing the whole world a favor. And, if she owed him money, good luck! He might as well kiss it goodbye 'cause he would never see it. Oh, and "if you find her, just eliminate her, please!"
He was dumbstruck, but I am betting that he doesn't call back here again.
It's too weird when ghosts from the past rear their UGLY heads. Her's was one UGLY one I would just rather not be reminded of.

Lookin' for some Peace,


Curley said...

Since it was so long ago, it makes one wonder how thay connected you to her.

Jimmie Earl said...

Would you believe that she had us listed as a contact number. Dumb broad! Like we're going to take a call for her for anything! Unless it was a call from a funeral home!! For her demise!!

Dee said...

Maybe it was a debt collector looking for her:)

Jimmie Earl said...

I'm almost positive that it was a debt collection agency of some sort. We have had some others down through the years that have asked for her. We honestly don't know what ever happened to her after my son and she divorced. We do know that she married my son's best friend, whom she was having an affair with when they separated. She is trouble with a capital T to all with whom she comes in contact. Probably more to be pitied, but I am just not that good of person to forgive and forget, let alone pity her. She hurt my child deeply, for that I cannot forgive.

MrCharlieNunez said...