Saturday, June 04, 2011

What I did Today or "I Am Pooped"

Today I decided to work outside. I went to the stores and bought geraniums, spikes, salvia, impatens and mulch. I laid down the black vinyl sheeting that goes under mulch. Then I put down mulch. I planted my salvia in pots and in the ground, and I planted the impatens in a pot with a spike. The I planted my porch boxes with geraniums and spikes. I got out the new birdbath that I brought home from Texas. I put together the new water feature, and set around the other pieces of yard art. I weeded, fed, weeded, and weeded some more.
This evening, I am sore. I am so out of shape from being a slug all winter and spring and not doing much but crafting and reading. But, I am proud of what I did, and how it looks. Of course, it is a work in progress and needs more mulch and a lot of TLC. This was just on the east side of the house. I haven't begun to work on the front, or west side, and the back always just gets a "lick and a promise." But I want to make it pretty, too. It's mostly shaded, so I can find plenty to do all day long out there.
Got to go take some more Tylenol.


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Curley said...

OMG! That is just beautiful. You really did work hard. Hope you're not to sore tomorrow to hit those notes in choir.