Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Random Wednesday Stuff

I have risen early every day since(and including) Sunday. I feel better physically and mentally from not laying in bed forever.

Yard work is progressing, slowly but surely, though it would go faster if it wasn't so d**** hot and humid out there.

Prof and her beau are splitzville. I feel sorry for her going through this crap once again.

Only 73 more days until Kiddo leaves for college. It will be a glad/sad day around here.

My two little grands are growing up so fast! The Divine Miss K is almost 3 already, and RJ turned 1 last week. He looks so much like his daddy.

I started Weight Watchers today. My points allowed aren't unlivable once I get used to weighing and measuring everything.

I liked it better when my Best Friend, Curley, didn't work so many days a week. It limits our yakking time.

I haven't heard from fellow blogger, Mellodee, in over a week. Maybe the Southern heat has gotten to her. Where are you Mel?

My schedule of events for the next few months includes too many dr. appointments. Heart, ear, eyes, teeth, prostate, annual physical, blood work. Ugh! This getting old is not for sissies, and it's d*** expensive. (But, alas, better than the alternative.)

I begin exercising in earnest today. Walking will be my exercise of choice.

I still get to drink as much black coffee as I want.

I am not going to talk my diet to death, just will keep you up on the latest losses. (That's the whole point, anyway, and I intend to exercise bragging rights.)

Prof wants a new job. I keep praying every day that one is on the horizon for her. Not because I want her gone from here, I just want her happy. She's been sad long enough.

There's too much drama in life.

I bought a French coffee press and I love it. Now I want a bigger one. Mine is only 1 cup!

Well, coffee is brewed and waiting. I need it!



Curley said...

I only work 3 days a week and I'm home by 4 unless we have to stop somewhere before coming home. You can call anytime. It doesn't have to be when hubby is at work, you know.

booknut said...

Kids and I are great walking buddies because we don't go super-fast like some people. As long as it's not too hot for the kiddos.