Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What I Read #46

Playing The Game by Barbara Taylor Bradford: I know what you're thinking...more "chick lit." (Excuse me ladies, that is not political correct, but you get the idea). Well, let me tell you, folks, this was a very good read, and interesting to boot.
Annette Remmington is the owner of her own art dealership. She deals in "high-end" art that only the very rich can afford. One of her clients inherits an estate filled with art. He calls in Annette to appraise the paintings and sculpture. And she finds an obscure Rembrandt worth millions.
But that's not all she finds. But, my friends, you gotta read on to find out just what and who she finds.
The art dealt with in this novel is real, even though the characters, time, place, etc. are fiction. I learned a lot about art and what makes it either of value or worthless. Put this one on your summer reading list.

Happy Reading


Mellodee said...

Reading tastes are so individual and subjective that I rarely enjoy a book that a friend or relative says is a "must read". I have never read any of Barbara Taylor Bradford, but you caught my attention with this one. It sounds interesting as I know very little about fine art. So I'll try it, we'll see if our similar natures extend to books we like!! :D

Dee said...

I think it is nice you take the time to review books for people. This sounds like a book I might enjoy if I can finish the one I am now reading "Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All" The author is Allan Gurganus. Have you ever read it?

Jimmie Earl said...

Thanks Mellodee! I think you'll like it!

Dee: No and if it is non-fiction, I ordinarily wouldn't. But, on the other hand, I am a Civil War buff, so, I might just pick it up and give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion. I swore when I graduated from college, that I had had enough reading of non-fiction to last me a lifetime. I told my wife that I would now only read for fun. But, being an educated person, one has to keep up with the tech manuals for work, then when I began in the classroom, that fiction-only theory just flew out the window!


Shivam Tiwari said...

put on note. :) I ll be reading it in a few days. Sounds interesting till now.

- Shivam Tiwari